Biden at the NATO summit

Doug Mills / The New York Times

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Which high-profile Democrat wrote a New York Times op-ed suggesting that President Biden should withdraw from the race?

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Which condition must be met before Ukraine can join NATO, according to the alliance's latest summit?

NATO leaders emphasized that Ukraine's membership is contingent on the end of the war with Russia to ensure stability and security within the alliance. The U.S., Netherlands, and Denmark are also bolstering Ukraine's defense with F-16s.

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A bipartisan group of Senators has reintroduced a proposal that would ban this practice, citing concerns about undue influence and insider trading.

The bipartisan proposal aims to prevent conflicts of interest by banning stock trading among lawmakers, their spouses, and dependent children. This move is intended to enhance public trust and reduce the risk of insider trading within Congress.

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Following a game-winning goal by Ollie Watkins against the Netherlands, which two teams will play in the Euro 2024 final this weekend?

England reached their second consecutive European Championship final, while Spain secured their spot with a victory over France. Ollie Watkins scored a decisive late goal for England, highlighting Gareth Southgate's successful substitution strategy.

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Following faculty pressure, what was the final outcome of the disciplinary action against the five pro-Palestinian protesters who participated in a 20-day encamped occupation of Harvard Yard?

The disciplinary decision was influenced by faculty pressure, highlighting the ongoing debate over academic freedom and the university's response to political activism. Critics argue that leniency could encourage disruptive protests, while supporters believe it upholds students' rights to free expression.