Classified documents

Justice Department via AP

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Which of the following allegations is NOT part of the 37-count indictment against former President Donald Trump regarding mishandling classified documents?

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Social-media company Reddit recently changed the way it works with creators of third-party apps, leading to widespread backlash and protests from its community. What changes were made?

Reddit introduced charges for third-party app developers to access its API, leading to a backlash from the Reddit community and protest by subreddit moderators. The high costs led to announcements from several third-party apps, including Apollo, Reddit is Fun, Sync, and ReddPlanet, that they would shut down due to the new charges.

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Boris Johnson resigned from his parliamentary seat amidst an ongoing investigation by a committee of the House of Commons. What was the primary issue under investigation?

The primary issue under investigation was whether Boris Johnson had lied to Parliament about breaking lockdown regulations with parties held at Downing Street during the Covid-19 pandemic. It was these allegations that ultimately led to his resignation from his parliamentary seat.

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The National Eating Disorders Association recently took down Tessa, their artificial intelligence chatbot, because of its concerning advice. What was wrong with its advice?

Tessa was found to be offering weight loss advice, including recommending a calorie deficit and counting calories, even to users who identified as having eating disorders. This can be harmful and triggering for individuals with eating disorders by perpetuating the focus on weight loss and restrictive behaviors that often fuel these disorders.

Point of Infinity

Jessica Chou for The New York Times

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The renowned Japanese artist, Hiroshi Sugimoto, recently unveiled a monumental sculpture titled 'Point of Infinity' in San Francisco. Can you identify the intended philosophical representation behind this artwork?

The sculpture marks the start of San Francisco’s Treasure Island Art Program. "The infinity point, where two curved lines are supposed to meet, only exists in the human mind; it’s a creation of human consciousness," Sugimoto said.