Children rescued after 40 days in the Amazon


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Yesterday, four children from this country were found alive after miraculously surviving a deadly plane crash and living alone in the Amazon jungle for over 40 days.

Winners celebrating winning the Champions League

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After winning the English Premier League title last month, this team beat Inter Milan yesterday to win its first Champions League Final.

Manchester City beat Inter Milan 1-0 to win the Champions League for the first time, becoming only the second English team to win the Premier League, FA Cup, and Champions League in the same season.

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This world leader—from a country with one of the largest Ukrainian diasporas—made a surprise visit to Kyiv yesterday, pledging significant military aid and advocating for Ukraine to “become a NATO member as soon as conditions allow for it.”

The demonstration of Canadian support comes at a pivotal moment for Ukraine after President Volodymyr Zelenskyy appealed to world leaders for weapons and jets to mount a counter-offensive against Russia.

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In an attempt to reduce the number of people affected by the criminal justice system, the Brooklyn neighborhood of Brownsville experimented with this bold, community-led approach to policing for five days.

Civilian members of the organization Brownsville In Violence Out had no arrest powers, but proved effective in preventing some crimes. They persuaded people to turn in illegal guns, prevented shoplifting, and prevented a man from robbing a bodega. They’re part of an emerging “community responder model” designed to reduce the use of armed officers in low-level crimes.

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In the latest development of the West Coast ports labor dispute, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union shut down cargo operations at this port yesterday, the fifth busiest in the U.S.

The union is seeking a pay increase to reflect the value of their labor during the pandemic cargo boom, which contributed to record profits for the ocean shipping industry.