Trump leaving the Miami courthouse

Chris O’Meara / Associated Press

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Donald Trump appeared at a federal courthouse in Miami yesterday on 37 counts that allege he illegally retained classified documents after leaving the White House. How did he plead?

The Beatles in 1963

David Redfern / Redferns

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More than 50 years after the band broke up, Paul McCartney recently announced that a "final" Beatles song will be released later this year, but fans have mixed feelings about its production. How was this new song created?

Paul McCartney said “We were able to take John’s voice and get it pure through this A.I., so then we could mix the record”. The song title has not been announced yet, but some have speculated that it is a 1978 Lennon composition called “Now And Then”.

Stanley Cup Game 5

AP Photo/John Locher

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This team—which became the first major sports franchise in its city when it was founded only six years ago—won the Stanley Cup last night.

The Vegas Golden Knights beat the Florida Panthers 9-3 last night, to win their first Stanley Cup. The franchise became the 31st team in the NHL when it was founded in 2017.

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The manufacturer of this globally recognized electronic pressure cooker is seeking bankruptcy protection, primarily due to a shift in post-pandemic purchasing habits, inflation surge, and decreased spending.

Instant Brands, which makes the Instant Pot, Pyrex glassware, and CorningWare, is filing for bankruptcy due to financial distress. The company’s flagship product was invented by Engineer Robert Wang 2009 and became wildly successful in kitchens across the world.

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Fox News has sent a cease-and-desist to its former anchor Tucker Carlson after he released the first episode of his new show. What is the root of the issue?

The crux of the dispute is Fox alleging that Carlson breached his exclusivity contract by starting a Twitter show. Carlson's team asserts that Twitter is not a direct competitor of Fox and that the network is infringing on Carlson's freedom of speech.