Record temperatures across Earth

Mindaugas Kulbis/AP

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This past week included the hottest days in Earth's modern history. What are the two main reasons?

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Which young climate activist was charged with "disobeying the police" during a protest in Sweden, where they joined a group blockading oil tankers?

Greta Thunberg was involved in a protest by the group “Reclaim the Future.” They blocked oil tankers at a port in Sweden for six days in June. Despite police orders to leave the scene, Thunberg refused, leading to her being charged with "disobeying the police." If convicted, she could face a fine or six months in prison.

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How did Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers, a former teacher and state superintendent, use a quirky rule to influence the state budget for public school funding?

Evers used an unusual Wiconsin rule that allows governors to amend laws with some edits. Originally, the legislation allowed districts to generate an additional $325 per student per year from property taxes until 2024-25. By crossing out a hyphen and slashing a "20", he changed 2024-25 to 2425. The legality could be challenged by State Republicans.

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Brazil’s progressive president Lula da Silva campaigned on promises to address illegal logging and environmental devastation in the Amazon. During the first six months of his term, what environmental change was observed?

President Lula da Silva took office in January 2023, and deforestation in the Amazon dropped by 33.6% since then vs. the same period last year. Deforestation surged to a 15-year high under previous president Bolsonaro, who advocated for increased mining and farming to reduce poverty in the area.

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In an effort to avoid another "tripledemic" this winter, the CDC is recommending vaccinations against these respiratory illnesses for older or immunocompromised Americans.

Last winter, health systems were flooded with cases of flu, Covid, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). To prevent this again, the CDC is suggesting all three vaccines for the elderly, and bundling them into a single visit for convenience. However, some scientists express concerns about this bundling method due to lack of data.