Pope Francis at The Vatican

Riccardo De Luca/Associated Press

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Which significant change did Pope Francis suggest openness to during the General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, marking a shift in the Catholic Church's traditional stance?

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In an effort to combat the overdose crisis in the US, the Biden administration has announced indictments and sanctions against Chinese companies and executives. What is these companies' involvement?

The primary sources of trafficked fentanyl and related substances are Mexico and China, with almost all precursor chemicals for fentanyl originating from China. The Biden administration has indicted and sanctioned Chinese companies and executives for their role in the fentanyl supply chain, specifically in the advertising, manufacturing, and distribution of precursor chemicals.

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In a landmark case, the parents of a school shooter in Michigan are facing trial for their alleged involvement in the tragedy. What are the accusations?

James and Jennifer Crumbley, the parents of the Oxford school shooter, are the first parents in America to face charges in a mass school shooting. The defense argues that this case could set a dangerous precedent for holding parents accountable for their children's actions, while the prosecution claims that the parents were neglectful and irresponsible.

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What unique strategy has UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak proposed to effectively phase out the sale of cigarettes for the next generation?

Under the proposed plan, a 14-year-old today would never be legally allowed to purchase a cigarette. The plan is expected to follow a similar format to measures in New Zealand, where the sale of tobacco is banned for anyone born on or after January 1, 2009.

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Which NBA team, known for its success and strong women's basketball fan base, is expected to be granted a WNBA expansion franchise in 2025?

The Golden State Warriors are anticipated to be granted a WNBA expansion franchise in 2025. The Warriors have a successful NBA team and a strong women's basketball fan base, thanks to the success of local universities Stanford and Cal. The new franchise is expected to be headquartered in Oakland and play games at the Chase Center in San Francisco.