Border wall between Texas and Mexico

Christian Chavez/AP

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Despite earlier campaign promises, which policy reversal did the Biden administration recently announce, using Trump-era funds and waiving 26 federal laws in the process?

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Which outspoken progressive has recently announced he is leaving the Green Party and continuing his presidential bid as an independent candidate?

Cornel West has been involved in politics for over two decades and aims to challenge the two-party system, potentially splitting the Democratic vote in the process.

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Which approach are scientists currently testing on a remote island to combat the transmission of malaria, with the potential for widespread immunity within months?

Scientists are testing genetic engineering to modify mosquitoes to be immune to the malaria parasite. These mosquitoes would mate in the wild and pass on the immunity, potentially rendering the entire mosquito population in an area immune to malaria within a few generations, which takes only months. However, the project faces concerns about the unknown consequences of genetic modification.

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The 2023 Cricket World Cup began yesterday in this host nation, with ten countries competing.

The 2023 Cricket World Cup will be played in 10 locations across India, and the final will be on Nov 19 in the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. India is the favorite this year, but Australia has won four out of the last six World Cups.

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Following the reopening of the case by Las Vegas police, former gang leader Duane Keith Davis was recently charged in the 1996 murder case of this hip-hop icon.

Duane Keith Davis, now 60, was a former Compton gang leader, and has said in interviews dating back to 1998 that he was in the same car of the person who killed Tupac in Las Vegas in 1996. Authorities now claim that Davis planned the shooting after Tupac and his crew attacked Davis’ nephew earlier in the day.