NYC governor Eric Adams

Stephanie Keith for The New York Times

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The FBI seized the phones of NYC mayor Eric Adams in their investigation of alleged illegal campaign fundraising from the Turkish government. What is the current focus of the investigation, hinting at a potential quid pro quo?

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What unique request did former President Trump's legal team make to Judge Tanya S. Chutkan regarding his upcoming federal election trial?

Trump's legal team argued that a televised trial is necessary due to the special counsel's office proceeding in secret, despite extensive media attention and public hearings. The federal rules of criminal procedure generally prohibit cameras in federal courtrooms, so this request is likely to face challenges.

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After Israel killed the Hamas commander responsible for physically transporting funds across borders, which clandestine method did Hamas use to receive money from Iran?

Hamas turned to digital currencies to receive funds from Iran after Israel targeted and killed a Hamas commander who was responsible for a hawala network. This hawala system involved trusted agents transporting physical cash and goods across borders to settle balances, funneling millions of dollars from Iran to Hamas's military.

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Who received the most 2024 Grammy nominations, including Album of the Year for “SOS” and Record of the Year for “Kill Bill”?

SZA led the pack with nine nominations for her album "SOS", including Album of the Year and Record of the Year. Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Swift each received six nominations.

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With rising concert ticket prices and rapid sell-outs, how are music fans finding alternative ways to experience their favorite artists' performances for free?

Livestreaming concerts is a trend that gained momentum during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fans who can't attend concerts due to high ticket prices or availability issues can experience the live music through livestreamers. These livestreamers use their phones and social media platforms to share the concert experience with others.