The US Supreme Court

Erin Schafer / New York Times

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What measure has the Supreme Court newly adopted to ensure transparency and guard against undisclosed dealings involving justices?

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Which institutions did President Biden emphasize the importance of protecting amid the conflict in Gaza?

The pushback comes as Israeli tanks are positioned at the main medical center in Gaza City, claiming the Hamas headquarters are below it. A reported 11,000 people have been killed by Israeli bombardments and two-thirds of the Gaza population have been made homeless.

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Which Republican presidential candidate from South Carolina became the latest to withdraw?

Senator Tim Scott decided to suspend his presidential campaign due to low poll numbers and lack of voter support. His decision surprised many of his staff and donors. Scott did not endorse any other candidate and also ruled out the possibility of becoming a vice president.

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Which former Prime Minister, who resigned in 2016, has been brought back to UK politics as the new foreign secretary?

David Cameron, the former British Prime Minister associated with the initiation of the Brexit referendum has been appointed as the new foreign secretary in a major political reshuffle by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. This move is seen as an attempt to steer the government back towards the center ahead of an election year.

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In an attempt to stabilize tense relations and improve trade, who is Joe Biden set to meet face-to-face at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in San Francisco this week?

The APEC summit is a major event that promotes trade and economic growth among its 21 member nations, including the U.S. and China. This year, the meeting between President Biden and Xi Jinping especially notable as it marks their first in-person meeting in a year, amid rising tensions between the two nations.