Donald Trump at a rally in New Hampshire

Doug Mills/The New York Times

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Which state's Supreme Court disqualified Donald Trump from holding office again, citing the 14th Amendment?

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Which steel giant, formed by J.P. Morgan, is set to be acquired by Nippon Steel for nearly $15 billion, creating one of the three largest steel companies in the world?

U.S. Steel, a historic Pittsburgh steel producer, is being acquired by Nippon Steel in a deal worth about $14.9 billion. U.S. Steel was founded in 1901 by J.P. Morgan, who financed the merger between Carnegie Steel, Federal Steel Company, and National Steel Company.

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Yesterday, California water regulators made the state the second to approve what unique recycling process?

This move by California regulators is a response to the state's struggle with reliable sources of drinking water due to extreme droughts. The treated wastewater would be free of pathogens and viruses and would meet or exceed drinking water quality standards.

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As part of an antitrust settlement, Google has agreed to pay a $700 million fine and make modifications to its app store practices—what is one change Google is required to make?

Google's antitrust settlement came after allegations that the company was harming competition through its app store terms and fees. As a part of the settlement, Google is required to expand its user choice billing program, which will allow users to choose between its proprietary billing system and third-party payment channels.

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Which airline was fined a record $140 million by the Department of Transportation due to inadequate customer assistance during severe weather last winter?

The fine, which is 30x larger than any previous fine issued by the DOT for consumer protection violations, stems from the airline's failure to provide timely flight change notifications, refunds, and reimbursements. The airline also had to cancel nearly 17,000 flights during the 2022 holidays, costing it over $1 billion.