Vehicles on an assembly line

Gilles Sabrie for The New York Times

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In an effort to protect domestic manufacturing, President Biden recently increased tariffs on which foreign products to 100 percent?

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Which key issue did Harvard University address to end the pro-Palestinian student encampment in Harvard Yard?

Harvard University negotiated an agreement with student protesters to address questions related to the war in Gaza and process petitions for the reinstatement of suspended students. Other universities have also made similar agreements to end student encampments.

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According to federal safety investigators, what critical issue did the ship face before hitting Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge in March?

The ship that collided with Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge suffered multiple blackouts before the accident, affecting critical equipment. The crew managed to restore power after the first blackout but was unable to avoid the collision after the second blackout.

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Caitlin Clark scored 20 points and had 10 turnovers in her WNBA debut with which team?

Caitlin Clark struggled in her WNBA debut, scoring 20 points but committing 10 turnovers as the Connecticut Sun dominated the Indiana Fever.

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This week, which two tech companies announced new AI models with the ability to generate video, music, and have more human-like conversations?

Google is competing with OpenAI by rolling out new AI features in search functions and other services to advance in artificial intelligence technology. Google and OpenAI both announced new models with multimodal capabilities.