The Supreme Court

Will Matsuda for The New York Times

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Following controversy involving flags flown at his home, which Supreme Court Justice rejected calls to recuse from cases related to the Jan. 6 Capitol attack?

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What caused the damage to the U.S.-built pier on the Gaza Strip coast, leading to the suspension of aid deliveries?

Rough seas caused significant damage to the U.S.-built pier, necessitating its removal for repairs in Israel. The U.S. has spent $320 million to build it. This pier was crucial for delivering aid to Gaza, which has now been suspended, affecting the flow of humanitarian supplies.

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What significant change did the MLB make to its records that led to Josh Gibson surpassing Ty Cobb as the all-time leading hitter?

By integrating statistics from the Negro Leagues, MLB now officially recognizes them as major leagues. This change has elevated Josh Gibson, with a .372 career batting average, to the top of the all-time hitting list, sparking discussions on record accuracy.

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Ohio requires candidates to be legally certified by Aug. 7 to appear on the November ballot, but the Democratic National Convention doesn’t begin until Aug 19. How will Democratic leaders ensure Biden's presence on the ballot?

To meet the Ohio deadline, Democratic leaders decided on a virtual roll call of delegates. This strategy was chosen because of a law glitch and stalled legislative efforts, ensuring Biden's certification before August 7.

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How did U.S. officials justify that Israel’s airstrike in Rafah did not violate Biden’s “red line” for withholding weapons shipments?

U.S. officials argued that the airstrike targeted a Hamas compound with precise munitions, thereby not breaching the red line set by President Biden. Critics argue that the strike still resulted in significant civilian casualties, questioning the justification.