Protesters in front of the Supreme Court

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Which legal concept, struck down by the Supreme Court yesterday in Moore v. Harper, advocates for state governing bodies to have total control over how federal elections are run in their state, including district mapping?

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak

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This TV personality will replace Pat Sajak as the new host of Wheel of Fortune
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Ryan Seacrest will take over for Pat Sajak as host of Wheel of Fortune at the end of next season. Sajak will be retiring after over 40 years as host, while Vanna White will remain co-host. Seacrest is best known for hosting American Idol as well as a daytime talk show, Live with Kelly and Ryan.

General Motors vehicle driving

General Motors

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Tesla recently struck deals with Ford and GM to make it easier for consumers to charge their electric vehicles. What's the nature of these deals?

As part of recent deals struck with Tesla, Ford and GM have decided to adopt Tesla's charging technology. This allows their customers to access and use Tesla's extensive network of fast chargers. The deal suggests a shift in charging infrastructure, possibly making Tesla's technology the EV charging standard.

Hospital bed

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Analysts have projected that this sport, the fastest-growing in the US, may cause nearly $400 million in unexpected medical costs this year, much of it in Medicare patients.

Pickleball is widely played amongst seniors, and injuries are on the rise. From 2010-2019, 86% of emergency room visits from pickleball injuries occurred in people over 60 years old. The analysis by UBS estimates that the sport will grow to 22 million players this year.

Eras Tour

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This pop star’s “Eras Tour” is on track to pass Elton John to become the biggest concert tour in history, and potentially the first $1 billion tour ever.

Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” has been called a “once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon” by music executives. She’s performing 52 shows across 20 cities in the US, and added 54 more shows overseas.